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Halal Frozen Food Supplier in Singapore

Generally, we knew about halal frozen meat, chicken and seafood that are available almost every corner of the convenient stores and shopping malls, but there is instant food in other word is known as prep meal which means it is a ready-made meal that you can defrost and eat it spontaneously. For example, paratha, spring roll, samosa and chapati. This product generally available anywhere as I mentioned before, and it saves a lot of cooking time too since it is a pre-made meal. So just go and grab a pack of chicken supplier singapore instant paratha, reheat and eat it.

The only question that rise in this situation is whether it is halal or not? Well, all these instant frozen food are already packed, which means the frozen food company that making this kind of products should have taken the Halal certification from the authority before manufacture and distribute the products to their seller and customers. Hence, if the product has the authority logo on the package, then it is safe to consume by the Muslims, and the process of getting a Halal certification is not easy as well.

Halal is not only the process of preparing the food in Islamic ways but also about how hygienically it was preparing for the customers, that is also a reason why it is difficult to obtain the Halal certification from the authority. The inspection has long procedures that need to be adhered by the company, restaurants and whoever in the food and beverages industry in order to obtain the certification by the authority. Basically, the Islamic way is to provide a healthy eating style with a proper way of slaughter action for animals that do not cause pain to them while slaughtering. That is why there are emphasised the hygienic issue together with the forbidden items should not be included in the food that is meant to be Halal by the halal frozen food supplier singapore.

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